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Welcome to the CalChiefs Emergency Management Section website.  My name is Frank Frievalt, I am the Fire Chief for Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District, serve as a member of the CalChiefs Executive Board, and have recently filled the Section President vacancy following the retirement of Chief Steven Hall.

Unprecedented wildfires and a global pandemic have underscored the absolute necessity of comprehensive Emergency Management in our communities and revealed an immense shared space with California’s Fire Service none of us could have fully appreciated before.  We have an equally unprecedented opportunity to improve outcomes in future disasters by aligning our efforts and bringing diverse capabilities to bear in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

We will have a 2021 Emergency Management Kickoff meeting at our annual conference in San Diego on September 14th.  In response to present threats, and those we can expect, we’ll be retooling the section with your input and help, including this website.  I’m working with staff to trim up some areas while preparing to dive deeper in others, so please “pardon our dust” here as changes to content and layout are in progress.  One of my top priorities is to get the section membership application process online, so please revisit; we need your support, participation, and expertise to truly improve outcomes on a large scale.

In the interim if you any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or 760-914-0191.

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