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Emergency Management Section Membership

For current Emergency Management members, we appreciate your support and hope that you will renew again this year.  For those Chiefs, Chief Officers and Emergency Management personnell who are not yet a member, please consider becoming a member and supporting the efforts of the Emergency Management Section.

Active Membership – $ 75.00
All members of any paid or volunteer organized public, private, or military fire department.

Associate Membership – $ 50.00
Individuals affiliated with organizations or agencies having an interest in emergency management and/or disaster preparedness services.

Student Membership – $ 25.00
Membership for those individuals attending a post-secondary institution in a full-time capacity, as designated by that institution, OR, is attending a post-secondary institution in a part-time capacity and not employed full-time in emergency management.

Active Group Membership – $ 25.00
After the purchase of an Active Membership, each additional member of a fire department / district / agency.

Sustaining Membership – $ 75.00
Membership for representatives of businesses engaged in the discipline of emergency management.