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Vision & Mission

The objectives of the Section as specified in our Constitution and Bylaws are as follows:

  • To provide for the assembling of emergency management personnel and others at regularly scheduled meetings to discuss matters pertinent to the Section, to participate in educational and informational activities, and to conduct the Section business.
  • To present to the Section membership information, regulations, and educational materials that are current and applicable.
  • To serve as a clearing house for information and a collection point for data and recommendations pertinent to the operation of the Section, and to provide this information and data to the Association.
  • To solicit ideas of interest and value for the improvement of the emergency management profession within the Fire Service of California and to provide that information to the membership of the Association.
  • To provide for review of Section, legislative developments during the legislative period of the California State Legislature and to make recommendations regarding the legislation to the Association.
  • To achieve cooperation and coordination of long-range emergency management objectives among all Association sections.
  • To establish a liaison function and dialogue with other appropriate Association Sections.