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Mill Valley, California – Genasys Case Study

Mill Valley, California – Genasys Case Study

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CASE STUDY | Emergency Warning & Public Safety Notification


In the City of Mill Valley, located north of San Francisco on the southeastern slopes of Mount Tamalpias, many residents live in narrow, heavily wooded canyons. After the deadly 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, California, Mill Valley community leaders decided that the city’s outdated mechanical air raid sirens needed to be replaced with modern emergency warning system installations that continue to operate when existing power and communication infrastructure goes down.


Most emergency warning installations sound sirens, but are incapable of broadcasting intelligible voice notifications containing critical information about the nature of the emergency and potentially life-saving instructions. Mobile phone alerts are dependent on cell towers that are prone to failure during power outages and wildfires.


After evaluating and testing several systems, city officials selected the industry-leading are a coverage, vocal clarity, and connectivity options of Genasys’ emergency warning voice notification systems. James Wickham, mayor of Mill Valley, commented on social media, “The City of Mill Valley is excited to announce the installation of new and more powerful emergency sirens to replace our aging system. These sirens project both siren and voice recordings to alert and inform the community.”


Genasys’ proprietary driver and waveguide technology focuses sound from 60° – 360° to provide customized mass notification area coverage. Optimized to the primary range of human hearing, Genasys broadcasts are clearly heard and understood inside vehicles and buildings, and above background noise. Genasys systems feature the highest Speech Transmission Index in the mass notification industry at 0.95, substantially exceeding all FEMA and UFC voice intelligibility requirements.


Genasys is the only critical communications platform that unifies hardware and software to provide geo-targeted alerts to mobile phones and audible warnings and notifications through acoustic speaker arrays with industry- leading vocal clarity and area coverage.

Self-contained or easily integrated with existing infrastructure, and featuring solar power, battery backup and satellite connectivity, Genasys systems are highly effective in delivering critical communications and life- saving notifications before, during and after wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disaster and crisis situations.

Genasys – The Critical Communications Company

Genasys Inc. is revolutionizing emergency warning and public safety notification with advanced voice broadcast systems that feature the industry’s highest speech intelligibility rating and area coverage, 60° – 360° siren and voice broadcast dispersion, multi-modal activation and control options, satellite connectivity, solar power, and battery backup. Genasys geo-targeted SMS mobile safety alert solutions are compatible with local, regional and national emergency warning protocols and systems.

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